Analysis of metal crusher boot does not start what is the reason

A set of high-quality metal crusher daily workload is also very large, metal crusher to long-term better work must be regular maintenance of metal crusher is still very necessary. Today, Hongrun introduced the common problems of metal crushers, the normal boot does not start how to deal with.
      1, met the metal crusher boot does not start it is necessary to check the bottom of the power supply, plug, power cord there is no oxygen off, the skin has no signs of fracture, Ruoyouruowu can plug in the power cord to turn on the power test machine.
      2, when the motor does not start when the power, with the object gently dial wheel can turn, you can determine the metal crusher motor starting capacity of two capacitors due to failure. In this case, it is recommended to change the starting capacitor before retrying on.
      3, there is a case that the normal power supply motor does not rotate, with the help of external force can rotate, but the motor internal current noise, there may be a slight leakage caused by starting capacitor. If the current noise is too loud, the motor can not start, it is concluded that the starting capacitor is short-circuited (short-circuit the motor need to find a professional repair). If you do not have professional equipment, you can remove the capacitor (4UF / 400V), the two leads were inserted into the neutral wire and Firewire jack to charge the capacitor, the last removed and the two leads unplugged discharge. If the discharge spark and "snap" sound, indicating that the capacitor has been charged can be used; if the spark and the sound is weak, indicating the capacity of the capacitor decreased, you can choose to replace the new capacitor or add a small capacitor. If the capacitor is short-circuit, please do not use this method, you must replace with the new capacitor of the same specification. Metal crusher can be used normally.
      If you encounter a metal crusher boot does not start, then in order to avoid delays in work you can find their own reasons or call Hongrun mechanical advice.

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