Canister crusher big shaft shaking how to solve

Hongrun Machinery is a professional manufacturer of cans crusher products manufacturers, the following cans crusher large shaft sway the reasons for analysis.
1. Bearing wear.
2, uneven pressure roller gap.
3, safety pin and other parts gap is too large.
4, big shaft end is not fixed well.
5, mold hole problem.
Specific analysis and solutions:
Check the spindle is firmly fixed. Remove the oiling device, remove the spindle gland, check the butterfly spring is damaged. If the deformation just for a new spring, tighten the boot check. If the replacement of the spring is still invalid, then the spindle should be removed, remove the spindle seal cover, check the bearing is damaged. If the problem is immediately replaced. When installing, pay attention to the clearance between spindle and moving wheel.
If it is not the problem of the spindle, the mold is out of round, clearance pin clearance is too large, and other issues, replace the corresponding parts on it.

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