Simple introduction to building template crusher

The building formwork refers to the building planks on the construction site, the bamboo targets, the wooden boards with nails, the bamboo plastic sheets for packaging, the shelves, the brackets, the pallets and other wooden frames. The new building formwork pulverizer is mainly composed of main parts such as working platform, feed pressure roller and conveyor;
Feed conveying: placing the wood to be crushed;
Feeding pressure roller: control the feeding speed and keep the sheet material from slipping and not feeding;
Spiral crushing roller: uniformly welding the cutter on the roller in the circumferential direction to ensure that the crushing roller is consistent in force in the circumferential direction;
       The plate crushing has the synchronous feeding and crushing to achieve uniform crushing; the feeding press roller adopts UCK series bearing and spring pressing mechanism, which can be adapted to the crushing of different plate thicknesses; the feeding press roller and the crushing roller adopt different power systems, which is easy control.

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