Carbon powder rod making machine

Carbon powder rod making machine, also called carbon powder forming machine, is another auxiliary forming machine equipment for charcoal machine. It is mainly made by secondary utilization of broken charcoal or unqualified carbon rod which occurs in the carbonization process of traditional charcoal machine. Another kind of carbon rod (carbon powder rod); the carbon powder forming machine mainly crushes and stirs the crushed carbon or the carbonized unqualified carbon rod. 
The characteristics of the carbon powder rod making machine: 
1. After the carbonization, the original five steps are reduced to two; 
2. The service life of the wearing parts is increased from 40 hours to 4000 hours; 
3. Power consumption cost 60% reduction; 
4, the production of the bar machine is increased by 2-3 times; 
5, the cost per ton of carbon powder molding machine is reduced by 200 yuan; 
6. The operation difficulty is greatly reduced; 
7. The weak carbon is changed into high quality carbon, high quality carbon Become a special charcoal. 
8. The content of weak carbon is increased from 60% to 70-75%; the high quality content is above 83%, which greatly expands the market. 
Technical parameters of carbon powder rod making machine: 
★ Power: 5.5kwg 
★ Production: 300-500kg /h 
★ Dimensions: 1510*710*1070mm

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