Woven Bag Shredder

Woven bag shredder is used for the recyling process of woven bag film, wood, wood trim, wood pallets, branches, bucket, discarded appliances shell (plastic shell, metal shell) and other bulky wastes.
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Woven Bag Shredder
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►1. Weaving bag shredding machine product introduction
   Woven bag shredder is a used for the waste woven bag to tear the mechanical equipment, through the mutual squeeze between the two shafts, the shear will be a one-time tearing into a piece of paper, so that we later on the waste weaving Recycling and recycling of bags.
►2. The way of woven bag shredding machine:
Used for the recycling process of heavy wastes such as woven bag film, wood, wood decoration, wooden pallet, branch, bucket, waste electrical shell (plastic shell, metal shell) etc.The shredder can tear up the material with waste woven bags, tons of bags, plastic bags, food bags, cement bags, lime bags, fishing nets and other similar materials.

►3. How to control the size of the bag shredder
   The blade determines the size of the bag shredder, the smaller the number of teeth, the smaller the number of teeth. The wider the blade, the less the number of teeth, the greater the material.

►4. Product advantages
  1) advanced technology, reasonable structure, in the course of the work will not appear choke machine or stalk phenomenon, strong power, high yield.
  2) equipment in the course of work without noise, will not affect the surrounding residents.
  3) according to the user's quality requirements of the finished blade on the width and number of teeth to adjust.

Technical Parameters:

Specification  Model Power kw Capacity kg/h Blades Feed Port Size 
DW-500 7.5 200-400 16 700*760
DW-600 11 300-500 24 800*760
DW-800 22 400-700 32 1000*760
DW-800 15*2 500-900 32 1000*760
DW-1000 22*2 700-1000 40 1200*760
DW-800 15*2 800-1000 16 1000*990
DW-1000 18.5*2 1000-1200 20 1200*990
DW-1200 22*2 1200-1500 26 1400*990
DW-1500 30*2 1500-1800 38 1700*990
DW-800 18.5*2 1000-1200 16 1000*990
DW-1000 18.5*2 1200-1500 20 1200*900
DW-1200 22*2 1500-1800 26 1400*990
DW-1500 30*2 1800-2000 38 1700*990
DW-1680 37*2 2000-2500 42 1880*1090

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