Metal Shredder

Metal shredder is widely employed to crush paint bucket, discarded appliances shell (plastic shell, metal shell), large pipes, pipe fittings, forklift pallets, tires, drums, aluminum and copper, as well as being used to crush iron sheet, scrap circuit boards (circuit bo
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Metal Shredder
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1. Products:
  Metal shredders are mainly composed of shredder blades, spacing sleeves, spindles, knives, carrier boxes, lower racks, feed hoppers, motors, gearboxes and electronic controls, which can be used to tear up the current metal , Such as automotive metal shell, bicycle frame, paint bucket, cans, aluminum blocks, etc., the use of a very wide range. The first use of hydraulic shear shearing machine will be short cut short metal, and then torn with a shredder into small pieces, and then packaged with a baler transport, the use of very convenient; not only improve the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expanded The scope of application, I produced a large metal crusher is an advanced crushing and crushing machinery, the series of large-scale metal shredders in the absorption of a variety of crusher on the basis of the advantages of full use of impact, shear, mutual impact, Grinding and other theories carefully developed.Through years of research, Gongyi Hongrun production of large-scale metal shredder equipment catch up with the industry.
►2. Metal shredder use:
     Metal shredders widely used in waste car shell, scrap metal pipe, pipe fittings, scrap steel plate, metal and other metal sheet metal, aluminum alloy, engine shell, scrap aluminum, all kinds of paint barrels, cans and other metal cans and metal barrels, Refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air conditioning and other household appliances, metal shell, etc., is a versatile metal broken shredding machinery.

►3. Metal shredder equipment features:
  1) metal shredders can be customized according to user needs screen;
  2) metal shredder The device has a low speed, high torque, low noise;
  3) metal shredder equipment tool with a special material, long life, high utilization rate, can be maintained several times;
  4) The device uses microcomputer automatic control, set the start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function.
►4. Use and maintenance instructions:
1) before the start of the test to strictly check the installation of the various parts of the machine to meet the requirements, whether the loose screw bolts, hand gently pull the belt test, whether the shell case and so on. At the same time check the direction of rotation, is strictly prohibited smashing flammable, explosive items, so as to avoid accidents.
2) the production should be kept evenly to ensure the quality of crushing and normal production, while the motor overload is strictly prohibited to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3) In addition to regular attention to check the various parts of the fastening, but also should pay attention to check the wearing parts of the wear and tear, such as serious wear and tear should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main components. And take the necessary fire protection measures.
4) Due to the high speed, in addition to the installation of a firm and solid, while maintaining good lubrication to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Under normal circumstances the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees normal. Host bearing a week to add butter, molybdenum disulfide, high-speed butter better.

  • Model
HR-ZB600 HR-ZB800 HR-ZB1000 HR-ZB1300 HR-ZB1600 HR-ZB1800 HR-ZB2000
power(kw) 22-30 30-37 45-75 75-90 110-132 132-180 110*2
Yield(kg/h) 500-600 600-800 1000-1800 2000-4000 3000-6000 6000-8000 8000-12000
Area 6 7 9 13 20 30 50
Host size 2.1×1.4×2.0 2.4×1.6×2.3 2.6×1.8×2.6 2.8×1.9×3 3.3×2×3.5 3.8×2.3×4 4×3.2×4.2

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