Treatment method of broken shaft of scrap crusher

In the long-term operation of the scrap crusher, there are generally three reasons for the main shaft break: spindle quality problems, external influence factors, and spindle fatigue fracture. For the first two, according to the actual situation to select the appropriate spindle material, to ensure the normal external factors, you can avoid the problem of spindle fracture. However, for the third party, the reason is that the feed material is biased to one side and the material is unevenly distributed in the crushing chamber, resulting in uneven load at the bottom of the crushing chamber, thereby generating an impact load, and the spindle is periodically subjected to impact force during eccentric rotation. As a result, the spindle is repeatedly retracted, resulting in fatigue fracture of the spindle. For the third reason, the crusher can be improved to solve the problem of spindle breakage. Set the baffle in the feed hopper to adjust the free fall height of the material, and adjust the crossbeam of the upper rack to be parallel to the feeding direction, and try to keep the crusher full of feed materials. ).
   Through the improvement of these measures, the material is evenly distributed along the circumference of the crushing chamber, greatly improving the stress condition of the main shaft, and the working environment and equipment operation conditions have been significantly improved. After the improvement, the equipment is still operating normally and has achieved good results. It ensures the safety, reliability and economic operation of the equipment and improves the working efficiency and service life of the equipment.

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