Crushing waste wire and cable to use a professional waste wire crusher

       What kind of material will be used to crush what kind of crusher, only the specific crushing equipment to achieve the desired crushing effect. Hongrun machinery is a professional manufacturer of crusher crusher manufacturers, waste wire crusher use, including crushing copper, aluminum, data lines, power lines, communication lines, wire, wire and other waste lines are no longer under the words.
       Waste wire and cable crusher is designed to mess up the waste wire through the feed into the shear crusher, the cutter to the wire into the chopped chamber. The cable is cut into 10 cm pieces under strong shear, discharged from the discharge port into the conveyor to carry the next process port to be crushed, cut into small pieces of fiber in the crusher cavity, after high-speed operation of the blade to combat crushing, After the aluminum copper wire is separated, it is discharged from the discharge port, and the plastic box metal is completely separated by transportation to form the whole crushing and sorting process. In the smashing of waste wire in the application or more. Through the waste wire crusher to the material after the crusher can be fully recovered and re-use, complete the metal and non-metallic completely separated.

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