The full application of metal crusher

      Metal crusher environmental protection has been the state on the important agenda of the matter, in the national policy on the role of environmental protection, many companies have been an unprecedented challenge, some serious pollution enterprises directly closed, in a shutdown state. To meet the national environmental protection trajectory, Hongrun machinery through all aspects of mechanical optimization to achieve a pollution-free, low noise requirements of environmental protection. No pollution conditions. In order to meet the production speed of modern fast knot, the metal crusher made of automatic type, favorable to increase production and improve efficiency.
     Automatic metal crusher equipment with automatic feeding and automatic iron and aluminum separation device of the automatic drawing tank crushing equipment. Is a waste recycling market dedicated crushing waste cans cans professional grinding equipment. Gongyi Hongrun Machinery Factory senior experts for different types of specifications of the grinder, according to the different requirements of customers, follow-up investigation and reference to foreign advanced technology, strengths and weaknesses, do major improvements in the development of equipment is extremely smooth, reliable work.
     Driven by the high-speed and high-torque motor, the crushed material can be fully and effectively crushed in the crushing chamber, and the crushed material to be crushed into a crushed material of the crushed material is subjected to an air swing sorting system, and the whole system is equipped with a dust removal device , The production process to produce dust pollution hazards to a minimum. Loading and unloading are installed conveyor belt automatic processing.
Automatic metal crushing equipment for a wide range of large iron drums, metal, paint bucket, oil tank iron scrap to a small life in the abandoned drinks cans, moon cake boxes, fish canned, white wine packaging, etc. can be crushed. After crushing the material process crushed granular, easy to transport, favorable steelmaking process.

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