The use of wood shredders can make efficient use of used furniture

   There are many kinds of waste wood, such as furniture factory scrap, after the use of packaging wood, wood waste crafts, some branches in forestry, timber used in building materials, etc., waste wood everywhere in our side can be seen. Waste wood can be reused, the use of waste wood can effectively reduce the waste of wood, the role of environmental protection is also great, you can take some measures to turn the old wood waste into treasure.
   An old furniture, after dismantling classification, the waste material is the most old wood, after direct processing, secondary processing, chemical processing, incineration, degradation and decay procedures, old wood to new plates, new furniture, molding materials, etc. Multiple forms appear again.
   Use of waste furniture:
  1. Waste wood furniture, direct processing and reuse, mainly refers to the old furniture in the preservation of better plates, after woodworking machinery after the re-use.
  2. Refers to the use of waste wood in nature to decay or degrade it as fertilizer. This practice is rarely present in China.
  3. At present in China, the old furniture decomposition of the wood also has a burning path, used to generate heat or other energy, but the current furniture, the old wood did not form a system of treatment.
  4. Non-gel, paint wood waste materials through chemical processing, a wood chemical processing and papermaking raw materials. This treatment is currently rare in the country.
  5. Waste wood furniture After a special wood crusher to separate debris, after boiling or steaming to get wood fiber, wood shavings and other materials, adding adhesives and other additives made of recycled particleboard and recycled fiberboard. Recycled fibers and shavings are usually used in combination with wood materials when making new furniture. 30% of the old material is used in the production of recycled fibreboard. In addition, the waste wood material can also be processed into magnesite products (mostly for the ceiling, building materials) and building decoration with cement man-made board, gypsum wood-based panel material.
  6. The waste furniture material contains more joinery boards (ie, the large core board) and plywood. The two kinds of plates are separated from the wood and veneer by high temperature boiling. The solid wood furniture can also be processed by woodworking. And veneer, both of which are important materials for the production of Glulam, Daxin board. Both the manufacturing process and ordinary blockboard, Glulam manufacture the same. As the recycled plywood material is a large area of ​​the veneer, from the reality, the use of old furniture materials production of recycled plywood production is not.
  7. Non-wood crushed sawdust and plastic powder combination, made of wood-plastic composite materials for outdoor furniture, wood-plastic tray, the automotive industry and so on.

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