Equipment characteristics and installation work of shredder

Shredder Features:
1, can be configured conveyor belt feeding equipment;
2, shredder equipment blade with meshing blade, the blade is made of high alloy refined, very tough, it can be said to cut iron as mud;
3, the new shredder equipment is simple, the entire processing program can operate a person shredder equipment;
4, strong shredder equipment body structure, dense stiffening board, to ensure that the fuselage strong;
5, shredder equipment configuration is complete, aluminum and iron when the crush can be effectively separated;
6, gear motor drive;
7, the new shredder equipment boot without too much noise;
  Shredders can be used for crushing iron oil tank, oil drums paint cans, beverage cans, paint cans, paint cans, pure water bottle metal, Wang Laoji cans, six walnut cans, paint cans, red beef cans, Qingdao beer cans, etc. These iron, aluminum packaging bottles and so on. At the same time can also waste copper, waste bicycles, scrap motorcycles, scrap cars, aluminum plastic waste, briquettes and other crush the ideal shape. People's living standards gradually increased, more and more garbage, for the second use of waste, Hongrun specially launched various types of shredders, each device in the factory before the use of numerous test machine operations , Hong Run Machinery as a crusher industry veteran enterprises in the shredders before the sale of the shredders on the production of a comprehensive test, so as not to the hands of customers such a problem. Many users in the purchase of shredders will also require manufacturers when the interview machine, fear of buying equipment can not be used as a pile of scrap metal, in fact, it is necessary, as a device purchaser, cautious is necessary. To skimmer as an example to explain the user after the purchase of equipment, several important factors.
First, the test machine before the preparatory work.
1, check the motor and electrical appliances, the Department of screws tightening situation;
2, check the lubrication, sealing and other measures are intact and trolley;
3, check whether there are abnormal phenomena.
Second, the installation of the shredder test machine:
1, the equipment should be installed on the basis of the level of concrete, with anchor bolts;
2, the installation should pay attention to the host body and the level of vertical;
3, according to the power of the device configuration power lines and control switches;
4, after installation, check whether the various parts of the bolt loose and the mainframe door is tight, if any, please fasten;
5, check is completed, the empty load test, the test can be normal production.

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