What are the issues involved in the production of metal crushers?

The role of metal crusher should be clear, that is, the metal cans can be crushed into small pieces of metal particles, the device because of the use of a wide range of money to be strong and many people optimistic about the investment to buy such equipment users more and more many. But it is not the equipment to buy back to be able to make money, but also need to use the equipment can be reasonable. Here we take you to understand the use of metal crusher five notes.
1, when the equipment must be installed when the installation of a strong, many users are the equipment through the anchor bolts installed in the concrete floor, so the use of equipment for a long time or prone to problems, the best way is to equipment chassis Embedded in the cement floor, so you can ensure that the equipment will not appear when the use of loose.
2, if it is a large metal crusher equipment in front of the feed port need to add a baffle, which can prevent the work of the equipment when the crushing cavity of the material splashed out to hurt people.
3, do not crush the equipment beyond the crushing capacity of the material, the general manufacturers to produce out of the cans are based on the user commonly used crushed material to develop, for example, the equipment is used to crush the cans, and that can not withstand the crushing Paint bucket pressure, forced use of equipment crushing may lead to equipment damage.
4, do not let the crusher for a long time without stopping the work, this will slow down the service life of the device, and will speed up the hammer, liner and other accessories wear speed.
5, metal crusher parts should always check, wear to a certain extent must be replaced, otherwise it is easy to lead to the occurrence of security incidents, to bring greater losses to the user. The above is the common problem of customer service in the customer, the user must pay attention to these friends, they can help you to maximize the equipment to play out, as much as possible to create more wealth to us.

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