The metal shredder needs to pay attention to the following six points during operation.

Metal pulverizers have some problems during operation, which will affect the normal production process, resulting in a decline in work efficiency, which in turn will cause losses to the enterprise. So below, let's take a look at the precautions of the metal shredder during operation:
     1. After the preparation is completed, the motor can be started. At this time, attention should be paid to the starting current and starting time. The starting current is typically 320-360 amps. The starting time is 30-40 seconds. After the current is turned on, it drops to a normal idle running current of about 40 amps. If the starting current, starting time and dry running current exceed the above
According to the description, there is still a problem with the operation of the equipment. It should be checked to find out the cause and then turn it on.
     2. After the equipment is in normal operation, the feeding equipment can be started to feed the metal pulverizer. The size of the feed can be increased or decreased according to the hardness, blockiness and moisture content of the material. The increase or decrease can only be adjusted according to the current of the motor. The motor current is generally controlled at 80-90 amps.
     3. Uniform, continuous feeding should be done during operation to increase production and separation efficiency. If the amount of feed is too much, it will not only affect the output and separation efficiency, but also easily cause blockage, the motor trips and is forced to stop.
     4. After the motor has tripped automatically, if the cause is unknown, it is forbidden to start again.
    5. During the operation of the equipment, a patrol inspection system shall be implemented, and all parts of the equipment shall be inspected at any time by means of watching, listening, and town. If the following conditions are found, stop feeding immediately, turn off the motor, and check and eliminate.
     1) The rolling bearing temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius.
    2) It is found that there are abnormal sounds (such as metal rubbing) and dust.
    3) The equipment was found to have strong vibration during operation.
     6. It is strictly forbidden to switch the equipment at will.

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