What are the factors that determine the price of the crusher?

1. Model yield factors, different users for the production of broken materials require different manufacturers will be equipped with different types of crusher equipment to meet the needs of the user production, then the price will naturally be different.
2. broken materials are different, said here mainly refers to the material cans, paint barrels, bicycles, motorcycles, car shell, waste appliances, etc., of course, there are many other alloy materials can also be broken, but broken different materials on the Equipment requirements are different, such as broken cans, we use ordinary metal broken equipment on it, if the broken titanium alloy or metal block, then the need for equipment to improve the material standards, or can not afford to break high hardness materials The pressure generated.
3.Different parts of the material, the crusher has a lot of high-strength parts inside, these parts in the crushing process need to bear a lot of power, so the material requirements of the accessories is very high, broken lining material are mostly steel, After special processing. Good accessories can stand for a long time to use, to create more wealth for the user, the price will naturally be higher.
4.ancillary equipment, manufacturers give the user to develop production programs are based on the user site conditions to develop, according to the needs of the production program users need different equipment, and we give the user when the offer is said The price of the entire production line, so the user needs different equipment will affect the equipment offer.
5.Different manufacturers, crusher manufacturers between the very fierce competition, different manufacturers produce equipment quality and quality of service is different to provide users with the offer is also different. Buy machinery do not covet small cheap, it is recommended to friends to professional manufacturers to buy equipment.

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