Can wood crusher crush wet wood?

          Moisture content is an important factor affecting the working performance of wood shredders. The wood shredders with different principles have different requirements on the moisture content of the materials. The results show that the higher water content is not conducive to the processing of materials. When the water content is below 6% The best effect, the water content of the wood shredder work have such a big impact, we can see the wood mill equipment production and performance is also a very large impact.Under normal circumstances, the wet wood in the processing of the time through the hammer when the wood texture is a fiber, so that there are fibers, then the processing time will affect the work of the hammer, and so the wood powder The efficiency of the work will be low, so the output of the work of a lot smaller, and the relative use of dry wood, then the middle of the fiber will be much less, so the hammer and the blade hit the material, it will be very Easy to be smashed, which can be smashed wood more fine, and can meet the requirements of the yield.Most of the wood crusher equipment are dry processing, but some of the material moisture content is higher, the humidity is slightly too large in the case of processing a little more difficult. But for some high humidity materials, you can after the first drying and then processing, choose a good wood and grinder equipment, then, are very critical.

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