Choose your own metal breaker model

In the process of looking for scrap metal crushing equipment, customers often need to contact several manufacturers to inspect more than one metal crusher manufacturer. This is mainly because each factory has different types of metal crushing technology and the same type of metal crushing Machine parameters are different so that customers are difficult to choose from, customers generally need to go to the factory to test the scene to decide who more professional will choose him, Hongrun machinery today to talk about choosing their own metal crusher is very simple, You only need to consult the metal crusher model when your main types of scrap metal can be broken, then listen to each manufacturer is given a suggestion, a comprehensive comparison to exclude poor quality left 2-3 professional On-site test machine you can safely buy for their own type of metal crusher, such as the 340-type metal crusher can crush cans, paint buckets, thin metal, plastic and other light metal scrap materials, but it can not absolutely broken bike, motorcycles Car, waste iron corners more than expected, aluminum alloy castings, steel castings, brass parts and other large-size high-hard materials, that is wrong Exclude, such as the PX550 metal crusher it can be broken motorcycle wheel hub, motor shell, engine shell, raw aluminum scrap, bicycles, motorcycles, aluminum chassis, engine, cooked aluminum, scrap steel, iron , Angle iron frame, scrap scrap and other high-hardness high-hardness scrap metal, if there are manufacturers let you use PX550 metal crusher to crush the steel scrap, aluminum scrap, cooked iron scrap, cans, paint buckets, metal tube, thin Metal, such as sheet metal, iron wire, electric wire, cable, etc. That is, the use of large can be ruled out, because each metal crusher models are based on a number of raw materials experiments and pressure-power comparison produced only the most suitable for their own metal broken Machine models can cost savings for customers but also good after-run to achieve the desired scrap metal crushing effect.

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