Scrap crusher broken scrap what is the use

Scrap crusher belongs to large-scale machinery and is mainly produced in the form of production lines. It is mainly used for large-scale metal materials such as scrapped cars, scrapped household appliances, scrapped car panels, scrapped car cabs, scrapped car bodywork, discarded tricycle frames and discarded tractors. Scrap crusher scrap separation of inclusions, remove attachments, to produce pure high-quality scrap.
      Scrap crusher production line mainly by the feed chain conveyor, dual roller compacting machine, scrap crusher, vibration conveyor, magnetic separator, the conveyor belt conveyor. Larger economic strength users can also configure non-ferrous metal sorting system, wind sorting system.
      Scrap crusher crushed steel neat shape, less attachments, high purity. The steel products after the steel smelting using the broken steel have higher yield of steel, relatively stable chemical composition of the molten steel and lower content of the phosphorous and the smelting cycle is shortened compared with the previous ones, and the lining lining life is relatively extended. The reduction of atmospheric pollution, slag weight, the average power consumption per tonne of molten steel reduced.

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