What are the dust control measures for the straw shredder?

In the process of straw and other materials crushing operation of straw crusher dust problem can not be ignored, the pollution problem is to be resolved, in the straw before the recycling process in the dust produced dust dust dust removal measures, And the effluent dust concentration in the efflux meets hygienic standards and emission standards. Specific measures include crushing and dust removal design, including dust control measures for straw shredder equipment and other ancillary facilities.
Straw crushing a dust, feed dust. Priority to the use of high efficiency dust stalks. When there is no wet straw conditions, dry dust can be used to filter dust, dry dust filter dust is divided into the straw shredders in the dust collector to separate dust in the filter after the two forms of dust. Can be used cyclone dust and dust bag combination of dust purification dust.
In the shipment also pay attention to dust. Crawler, straw, scraper, belt conveyor and loading operations are a lot of dust, spray sprinkler can be used, closed ventilation and other measures to prevent dust distribution.

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