Shredder blade

      Shredder essential parts is the shredder blade, and for this accessory, the use of the use must pay attention to the following details, otherwise it is easy to cause damage or reduce its life.
      First of all, in the transport of the shredder blade must pay attention to the use of wooden box device, which can prevent damage to the knife claws, to ensure the safety of transport. In addition, before the installation must be a comprehensive inspection to see if the overall blade is intact, if there is a gap or the phenomenon of teeth, then you must pay attention to timely replacement. At the same time pay attention to the angle of the blade, usually the blade is biased, so we must pay attention to the correct installation smoothly.
      Second, in the installation process to pay attention to gently, for the multi-axis shredder blade must pay attention to more people together to operate, so as not to break the knife in the collision. In addition, after the installation must be careful to check whether there is any foreign matter between the blade. And be careful to ensure that no personnel are near the shredder before running. To avoid the occurrence of blade damage caused by serious personal injury. If you do not have any accidents or run stops in multiple runs, then it means that the installation is very smooth and can be used with confidence. And then the right amount of products placed in the equipment for testing machine. The use of shredder blade must be injected to ensure that the entire process of the blade is intact and intact, then it is easy to lead to more trouble, affecting the normal operation of the shredder, and even lead to the overall equipment shredder The phenomenon of damage.

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