Wood chip machine is the king of mechanical processing machinery

       In the wood processing industry, the wood chip machine has a very important role, it can be said that the market demand is very large; wood chip machine board, paper industry, the most basic equipment for the preparation of wood chips, since the 1940s , With the increasing reduction of forest resources and the continuous improvement of the use level of cutting area residues, as well as the emergence of new tree harvesting technology, the process of wood chips from the use of logs to more use of branch material, small diameter wood, processing surplus Material, bad material or full tree chipping. The production of wood chips from the pulp and paper, wood-based panel enterprises to cutting areas, forest mining enterprises. Wood chips gradually become an important export commodity export enterprises form, and the formation of wood chip industry.
       Wood chip machine is the king of mechanical processing of wood products, but now the price of wood rose, has been directly to the wood processing enterprises to bring a lot of pressure, then the cost of processing through the process of control is increasingly important. Better wood chip machine should be affordable, excellent processing effect, and has the advantages of long life, reliable quality, less maintenance and other features. That is, there are many competitors in the same industry, especially wood processing machinery industry such as wood chip machine such as wood processing machinery, which is the darling of wood processing industry.

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