How does the shredder choose the model based on the crushed material?

     Shredder equipment is used to break all kinds of scrap metal scraping equipment, shredders can be used for what materials Many people are not very understanding of scrap metal materials so much, then what need to use the shredder The Shredder material selection is mainly based on metal products, most of the scrap metal, according to metal broken material is different, the main can be divided into the following:
     1, easy to pull the shredder: This equipment is mainly cans, paint barrels of the main material of the broken equipment, although it can also be broken on other materials, but basically are small, medium-based materials, such as waste Electrical parts, circuit boards, etc .;
     2, car shredder: This kind of shredder is relatively more demanding on the material, for like bicycles, motorcycles, car metal and other materials for effective crushing;
     3, scraping shredders: This shredder for the hardness of the material to adapt to the strong, hardness of the steel material can also be easily broken.
     Under normal circumstances, we use the material for the shredder more widely, and the specific material we have to select the specific model is also selected, large crusher crushing capacity and material selection more broad, and small due to Feeding and other issues, the choice of materials to be relatively less.
     The type of shredder more dazzling, according to the nature of the broken material to decide to buy equipment machine, and some users recycle more than the waste bike, he bought a bicycle shredder equipment, and some users to recover the car shell comparison Many, to buy a machine that can break the car shell. But a single recovery of a material situation is relatively rare, the user is also very difficult to recover the waste money, most users are what materials are recycled, paint barrels, cans, bicycles, Caigang tiles, car shell, etc. all come Do not refuse, in order to use a machine to break all of them need to use the multi-purpose shredder we said.
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