E-waste Scrap Crusher Reduce Transport Cost

E-waste Scrap Crusher Reduce Transport Cost
E-waste scrap crusher is designed for the crushing of kinds of waste circuit boards, computer motherboards, TV boards, aluminum-plastic panels, copper clad laminates, print circuit boards and processing waste, used electric appliances etc. It offers high recovery percent of mental, the purity is up to 98%.
Intelligent opposite direction with the blade rotation, when confronted with too much material, the material is too large or the material hardness is too high, blade can automatically rotate to the opposite direction, to effectively protect the machine and motor. E-waste scrap crusher can very effectively crush, briquetting, loose adulterant broken into pieces for post processing.It can reduce the  transport cost. The users can adopt different allocations according to the materials species, scale, and the requirements of the finished goods.
E-waste scrap crusher has the advantages of high efficiency, low speed, high torque, low noise and uniform discharge, high convenience, compact composition , and big output.  It is stable and compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

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