Car shell crusher

The Metal Crusher PSJ-1600/1800/2000 are employed to break metal press briquttes(60 to 80kg), bicycle press briquttes, motorcycle briquttes, small scrapped automobiles, carriage board, etc.
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Car shell crusher
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►1. Products:
    Car shell crusher can be very effective to the car shell, briquettes and other metal materials broken into pieces for later processing. The input waste is crushed by high-speed rotating hammerhead, which is broken continuously to make the metal material into a dense sphere until it is sized to be dimensioned on the grid. Hongrun mechanical car shell crusher with low energy consumption, high yield, flexible operation, high efficiency and low maintenance costs. Automotive shell crusher on China's recycling industry, the next step in the development of the metal industry is: the development of scrap metal mechanical dismantling, sorting classification, surface cleaning and other pretreatment technology to improve the metal smelting recovery technology, and then use aluminum to maintain performance technology, waste Car recycling technology, waste color steel tile recycling technology, waste household appliances recycling technology.
►2. Company Profile: Gongyi Hongrun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing metal crusher equipment manufacturers, for three consecutive years ranked first in the industry, is China's largest scrap crushing equipment manufacturing enterprises, for domestic and foreign sales, the purchase of metal Crusher on the election Gongyi City Hongrun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hongrun mechanical large-scale car crushing and recovery line, for the removal of the engine and other internal structural parts of the vehicle shell after the crushing of the metal crusher equipment, easy to re-use recycling. Mainly by a special heavy-duty metal shredders for coarse crushing, and then through a heavy horizontal crusher for crushing treatment, in the crushing stage after the use of wind equipment and special structure for dust treatment, through the magnetic equipment will be iron-based metal separate from. The whole system PLC control, dynamic real-time monitoring. With low energy consumption, large capacity, good economy, low maintenance costs, good handling and so on.


►3. Mechanical configuration: can be configured according to your choice;
►4. Features:
1) a variety of crushing cavity type, the application of flexible, adaptable.
2) thin oil lubrication, reliable and advanced, to increase the service life.
3) equipped with a special thin oil lubrication system to ensure that the oil flow between components, parts can be fully lubricated.
4) waste car from the top of the feed port into the rotating rotor parts, the falling material in the rotor under the action of a strong centrifugal force, to be thrown at high speed, hit the host inside the counterattack plate was broken.
5) broken principle and advanced technical parameters, reliable operation, low operating costs.
►5. Applicable materials: waste cars, car compartments, roll gates, color steel tiles, car shells, car racks, scrap metal, car skin, car panels and other scrap metal.
►6. Advantages of the product:
1) easy to transport particles, can effectively reduce transportation costs and increase transport efficiency;
2) the sales price of metal particles is much higher than the price of scrap metal, scrap aluminum;
3) metal particles relative to the metal easier to store, you can save a lot of warehouse space;
4) metal particles greatly facilitate the use and re-processing.
5) The blade is made of high alloy refined meshing blade, for any high hardness of the material has a good shredder effect.
6) gear motor drive, than other cans to save 20% of the amount of electricity.
7) boot without too much noise, and the installation of the foundation, the noise is very small.
8) strong structure, dense stiffening plate to ensure that the cabinet of the strong.
9) Conveyor belt feeding equipment can be configured. Expanding the scope of processing and recycling; high value space; transport convenient and efficient.


Technical Parameters

Model PSJ-1600 PSJ-1800 PSJ-2000
Power 75KW*2 90KW*2 115KW*2
Capacity 4000kg/h 6000kg/h 15000kg/h
Feeding Hole size 500*1600mm 660*1800mm 660*2000mm
Discharge Size ≥30mm ≥35mm ≥40mm
Dimension Size 2800*2000*3500mm 3800*3100*3200mm 3900*3200*3300mm
N.W. 12.5t 19t 22t

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